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Better Energy Savings for You!

Energy Audit Service

We conduct comprehensive audits of utility bills and telecommunications invoices to put money back where it belongs—in your company's bank account.

Backed by proprietary methodologies and nearly two decades of utility and telecom auditing experience, we have the expertise to cut through the complexity in your utility bills—and uncover hidden cost savings that can make a difference in your bottom line.

Combing through those confusing fees, surcharges, tariffs, and rate plans, we search for hidden errors, overcharges, and savings opportunities in all your energy, telecom, and utility bills, including:

  • Cellular Phones
  • Local and Long Distance Services
  • Internet Services
  • Fax and Data Services
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water/Sewer

Waste Disposal Audit Service

Specializing in substantially reducing waste disposal and recycling costs for its clients on a risk free, results oriented basis, Utility Auditing has the capability to provide the hands-on and on-site services you need. We are not a waste hauling company, but rather a waste and recycling cost-reduction company.

A Waste Audit will:

  • Pinpoint where you are currently overspending
  • Identify errors and overcharges
  • Identify cost recovery and recycling alternatives
  • Add an overlay of expertise in ongoing management and control of this increasing expense area.


Ongoing Audit Support and Control and Management:

Following implementation of cost reductions, we will audit hauler invoices monthly, making corrections when haulers overcharge and/or errors are found. We also provide ongoing expertise / support / negotiations during hauler contract renewals to protect your interest. Our account teams will support your facilities regarding service issues or hauler problems and provide a monthly report quantifying any cost reduction.

Working with us requires no funding, no budgetary review, no capital outlay, no risk and very little time. We're not adding to your project list, we are taking away from it. And Utility Auditing does all the work while enjoy the benefits of the verification process. We are available NOW to reduce your solid waste disposal and recycling expenses.



Getting Started Now

At Utility Auditing

our utility bill auditing and energy audit services are performed off-site, with little or no involvement required of your company staff.

This enables you to conduct your daily business functions while our company works behind-the-scenes to improve your energy savings.

Our Process Includes the Following:

  • Billing Audit
  • All telephone and utility accounts are analyzed for billing errors and overcharges. We verify the accuracy of all rates plans, fees, surcharges, and taxes.

  • Optimization Review
  • We negotiate directly with your service providers to obtain the most favorable market rates available – without any compromise to the quality of your service, thus increasing your energy savings even further!

  • Cost Savings Action Plan
  • Techniques are applied to your service to find products and technology that will reduce costs without sacrificing quality of service.

    Part of our energy audit process is a comprehensive survey that can also detect the opportunity to identify underutilized services. Everything that can be used towards energy savings is carefully considered!

Our Compensation

No up-front costs or fees

There is no fee for our energy audit services. Our compensation is based on a percentage of the money our clients actually accrue in energy savings and refunds.

How to Begin

Call us now to start saving money on your utility and telecom bills. We'll send you our free Welcome Kit that contains everything you need to begin the energy audit process— and to start saving money today!

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